10 Best Museums and Galleries in Melbourne

The rich background and historical significance of Australia are celebrated by the museums of Melbourne. It uncovers the stories of the past and people who made the city what it is today. There is a reason why Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia. And it is no surprise that it is home to some of the best museums in the world. 

Here Is The Ultimate Guide To The 10 Best Museums And Galleries In Melbourne:

1) Melbourne Museum: A sprawling, glorious space occupied by themed displays, IMAX cinemas, interactive areas, and full of surprises. Melbourne Museum is a treat not only for first-time visitors, but also for repeat patrons. The history of Victoria is vividly evoked through various arts, artefacts, as well as well-carved prose. The natural environment of Victoria can be seen along with its history and culture through various artistic perspectives. 

2) Lyon House museum: As the name suggests, there are two interesting things about Lyon House Museum- the museum and the house. At present, there are two adjacent sections- 1) the original house museum, the founding patron’s private homes, with residential areas coupled with exhibitions and 2) the House museum Gallery, established in 2019. It comes with new spaces to display touring exhibitions of international as well as local works. 

3) Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre: This museum tells the stories as well as survival of the First Nation communities of Victoria. It is a permanent exhibition at the renowned Melbourne Museum. Bunjilaka is dedicated towards the representation of Korrie experience. The name as it suggests is taken from Bunjil, which is an ancestral eagle with wedge-tail, who happens to be the creator of the south-east Australia’s indigenous people. It is one of the best galleries in Melbourne.

4) Science Works: This is an interactive technological and science museum dedicated to excite children about technology and science. Science Works is a classic Melbourne family favourite museum linking the scientific community, industry, heritage and applied technology under one roof. It creates a remarkably fun environment for the visitors. The museum is filled with guided tours, demonstrations, changing exhibitions and special activities. There is also a planetarium recreating the night sky in the domed ceiling, which is a special attraction for the visitors. It is close to Melbourne holiday apartments.

5) National Gallery of Victoria (NGV): This is believed to be among the most-visited museums in Australia which never fails to attract visitors and entertain them. NGV is situated over NGV Australia and NGV International- two magnificent buildings. It hosts a variety of local and international artists, programs, events and exhibitions- ranging from contemporary art to major architecture, design and fashion, international historic exhibition, sound and dance, and so on. It was established in the year 1861, and earned the reputation of hosting the most significant art collection in the region with over 70,000 works, spanning across thousands of years. 

6) Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA): The museum was established in 1983, even though in 2002, it was moved to a new building, Melbourne Arts Precinct. The centre comes with the objective of featuring new artists, primarily Australians, but some are international as well. The museum is known for commissioning more than half-a-dozen exhibitions. There are experimental art works and especially interesting to those looking for education, curatorial, as well as public programs including lectures, talk, symposia, screenings, performance, events, and music. 

7) Australian Sports Museum: Its popularity lies in the largest collection of sporting memorabilia, and particularly interesting to sports fans. The museum was established in 2020, within the MCG, with a wide range of interactive exhibits and sporting challenges. It is certainly an engaging experience for sports lovers, both amateur and fanatics. Visitors are attracted towards the sporting displays even if they are not aware of all the details of the game. There is so much to see-from cricket to AFL and rugby league, and a dedicated section has been incorporated to host plenty of stories about Olympics and other significant sports. 


8) Heide Museum of Modern Art: This is a museum with an interesting combination of architecture, art, landscape, and social history. The museum was once home to Sunday Reed and John Reed, art supporters- although new buildings have been constructed over the years on the site, since that time. Ever since they started residing in 1934, Sunday and John would invite contemporary artists into their home to foster an environment of intellect. Many of those artists- Alert Tucker and Sidney Nolan later became some of the most renowned artists in the world. The permanent arts in the museum have been collected over several decades, however, there are regular temporary exhibitions in the museum as well. 

9) The Hellenic Museum: The old Royal Mint Building in Melbourne is a cornucopia of Hellenic culture, art and history. If you are looking forward to understanding more about Greek Culture, The Hellenic Museum is a must-experience. There are a variety of innovative events, programs, and exhibitions to exhibit Greek culture. Five permanent exhibitions are featured by the museum including Gods, Myths and Mortals from Athens’ Benaki Museum along with two touring exhibitions. The museum hosts several items from the Neolithic time, while featuring both Greek as well as non-Greek artists to reimagine and explore Greek culture through a contemporary lens. 

10) ACMI: This museum provides one of the best experiences to the visitors, since it’s reopening in 2021, with a staggering redevelopment of $40 million. The history of moving images has been told from early days through shadow puppets It is among the best free museums in Melbourne. While international aspects have been included as well, the focus lies especially on Australian cinema. The visitors are able to navigate the universe of TV, film, screen art, video games and digital culture. It celebrates the power and wonder of the most democratic art form in the world. It is one of the best art museums in Melbourne.

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