18 Weapons That Make Dark Souls 3 Too Easy

Dark Souls 3 is known for being hard, but with these tools, it can be a lot less so…

In Dark Souls 3, you can get a huge number of weapons. Some of them are useless and just take up space in your collection, but others are very powerful. Some guns are so strong that once players get them and put in a little work to make them better, they can get them through most of the game and even into New Game Plus. It’s not strange that players find one good weapon and stick with it, since things can get hard if they don’t have the best weapons.

The best weapon in Dark Souls 3 depends on the player, but if they want to get to any ending and stay alive until they get better weapons in new playthroughs, they should definitely check out the weapons that fit their playstyle. Even though it makes sense for players to learn how to use a weapon that they like, most Soulsborne games will punish players who haven’t improved their DPS and efficiency in battle.

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