Fnbounty.org: A New Online Community That Turns Brands Into Freedom Fighters

At any point do you feel like the brands you purchase from could accomplish other things to help the causes you think often about? Indeed, another web-based local area called Fnbounty.org is planning to change that by interfacing brands with social and natural causes. This is the secret: brands vows a specific measure of cash to a reason, and afterward clients can decide to help that cause when they make a buy from the brand. The more individuals that help a reason, the more cash the brand will give!

What is Fnbounty.org?

Fnbounty.org is another web-based local area that transforms brands into political dissidents. The site gives a stage to clients to share data about the social and ecological effect of organizations and their items. Fnbounty.org likewise permits clients to rate organizations on their presentation in regions like basic liberties, creature government assistance, and ecological security.

The site was made by two business visionaries, Jannicke Dalsgaard and Marie-Therese Hane, who were roused by their own encounters working in the corporate world. They perceived how organizations frequently put benefits before individuals and the planet, and they needed to make a space where customers could utilize their ability to consider brands responsible.

Fnbounty.org is still in its beginning phases, yet it has proactively drawn in a ton of consideration from the two customers and brands. The organizers trust that the site will assist with meaningfully having an impact on the way that organizations work, and make it more straightforward for shoppers to pursue moral decisions about the items they purchase.

How Fnbounty.org Functions

On the off chance that you’re a brand proprietor, you know that receiving your message out there is so troublesome. You’ve attempted conventional publicizing, yet it’s costly and frequently doesn’t contact the ideal individuals. You’ve additionally attempted virtual entertainment, however slicing through the noise can be hard.

Fnbounty.org offers a better approach to arrive at your ideal interest group and transform them into political dissidents for your image. This is the carefully guarded secret:

1. Brands make “bounties” on Fnbounty.org. These bounties are missions that individuals can finish to acquire rewards.

2. Individuals pursue Fnbounty.org and pick the bounties they need to finish.

3. When a part finishes an abundance, they get compensations from the brand proprietor. These prizes can be anything from limits on items to gifts and selective encounters.

4. Brands receive their message out to a profoundly drawn in crowd, and individuals get compensated for their endeavors. Everyone wins!

In the event that you’re searching for a better approach to arrive at your ideal interest group, Fnbounty.org is certainly worth looking at.

The Advantages of Joining Fnbounty.org

1. Get associated with similar people who are energetic about having an effect.
2. Keep awake to-date on the most recent missions and amazing chances to make a move.
3. Share your thoughts and ideas with others to assist with making our reality a superior spot.
4. Procure prizes for making a move for brands that share your qualities.
5. Assist with transforming brands into political dissidents by utilizing your purchaser power for good!

The most effective method to Engage with Fnbounty.org

Fnbounty.org is another web-based local area that transforms brands into political dissidents. The site gives a stage to clients to present proposition for virtual entertainment crusades that they might want to see executed by their number one brands. Different clients can then decide on these recommendations, and the most well known ones will be shipped off the brands for thought.

In the event that you’re keen on engaging with Fnbounty.org, there are a couple of ways you can do as such:

In the first place, you can present your own recommendations for web-based entertainment crusades. Just go to the “Submit” page on the Fnbounty.org site and finish up the structure. Make sure to be essentially as understood and compact as could really be expected, and incorporate all significant data, (for example, who the mission would benefit, why you figure it would find success, and so on.).

Second, you can decide on other clients’ proposition. Go to the “Peruse” page to see the ongoing proposition in general, and cast your vote by tapping on “approval” or “disapproval” symbols close to every one.

At long last, you can get the message out about Fnbounty.org to your companions and adherents. The more individuals who have some familiarity with the site and


In reality as we know it where enormous brands frequently appear to direct the details of our lives, it’s reviving to see another local area arise that is retaliating against the state of affairs. Fnbounty.org is an extraordinary illustration of this, and we urge you to look at it and reach out in the event that you’re keen on having an effect. With your assistance, we can transform brands into political dissidents and make the world a superior spot for everybody.

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