4 Tips For Picking The Best Car Setup In F1 Manager 2023

Managing a racing team isn’t always easy, but players can help their teams win by looking for the best car setups.

In F1 Manager 2023, made by Frontier Development, players are in charge of a Formula 1 team. Players don’t just focus on driving. Instead, they have to take care of everything else that comes with a racing team, from the race plan to keeping the facilities and finances in order. Changing how the driver’s car is set up is one of the main ways that players can change the result of a race. If a driver is unhappy with their setting, they are less likely to do well and more likely to make mistakes that cost them money.

Setup can be changed during a race weekend, but the best thing is for the driver to find the best setup as soon as possible for each track. In addition to the driver’s familiarity with the track and his or her knowledge of the car’s parts, how comfortable the driver is with their current setting will have a huge effect on how confident they feel when they start the race.

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