6 Places to See Amazing Architecture in Chicago

Chicago is one of the best tourist places: local people and international tourists like to visit Chicago. Here, you can find hundreds of unique structures that display the city’s history. Chicago’s architectural landscape represents its cultural heritage. This city is also considered as the global architectural leader as it invented the skyscraper. In the world its eye-catching buildings are photographed worldwide.

Here, we have mentioned the top buildings and structures that you can add to your visiting list. You can explore these iconic advents while you plan to explore Chicago’s cultural heritage and history.

Chicago City: Seven Top Architectural Structures

Many tourists search for a list that helps them to explore the destination place easily. In Chicago, you can find many iconic buildings that will help you to explore unique architecture. Here, we have listed seven such places that you love to visit.

1. Willis Tower

It also once held the title of “world’s tallest building” for many years. Still, it also maintained the title of “highest roof in the Western Hemisphere” for many years. It has 110 stories and is still known as Sears Tower by many people in the country. On its 103rd floor, it has a 4.3-foot glass extension, which attracts worldwide tourists.


2. Aqua Tower –

Jeanne Gang and her company completed this building in 2009. This 859-foot-long building, in sunlight, its a wave-like façade that shimmers in different colors. Aqua Tower consists of a hotel, residential flats, and condominiums. This combination offers various accommodation options. This building also has a rainwater collection and efficient lightening system.


3. Tribune Tower

If you use a budget-friendly Spirit Air Booking system, you can explore Tribune Tower’s notable Gothic design. The Tower has structural features from famous buildings like the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and the Great Pyramids. Some significant changes are also coming in the Tower that can be experienced by visitors.


4. Marina City –

This is an old building which was completed in 1968. Bertrand Goldberg designed the Marina City’s structure. This city is located on the edge of the Chicago River. The main aim behind creating Marina City was to attract its residents back to their origin. Marina City is shared like corn on the cob and has amazing amenities for dwellers. It has a swimming pool, retail outlets, gym, and theater for the residents.


5. Merchandise Mart

The Mart building was the biggest in terms of floor area at the time of its opening in 1930. It housed furnishing retail stores for a long time and became a favorite destination for retail customers. The tech companies also housed the merchandise mart to carry on their activities.


6. Chicago Cultural Destination

This center was the city’s first library but was later developed into a cultural destination. The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs operates the building and is a popular destination for weddings and cultural events. The structure is designed in Beaux Art Style and has two stained glass domes. The glass domes are positioned symmetrically over two separate wings.


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Final Words:

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