7 Best Stewardship Perks In Crusader Kings 3

With the right Stewardship benefits in Crusader Kings 3, a player can become very rich. Here are the benefits that players should get.

In Crusader Kings 3, one of the five Lifestyles you can choose is Stewardship. Characters with a Stewardship background are more likely to want to choose this Lifestyle. Like every other Lifestyle in the game, Stewardship has three themes and three Perk trees.

Crusader Kings 3 players can start to get the best Stewardship Perks by getting Stewardship Lifestyle points over time and sometimes through events. Players may be looking at the Lifestyle Traits at the end of the Perk trees, but it’s important for min-maxing to know which Perks to unlock first. Players can also get a few Perks from trees that aren’t their main goal right now.

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