7 Best Units In The Entire Fire Emblem Series

Most of the characters in Fire Emblem get better as the game goes on, but these units were already too strong from the start.

Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s most unique game series when it comes to gameplay. It combines an RPG progression system with large tactical battles and even a few slice-of-life features to break up the story and battles. This means that players will be in charge of more than one unit at a time, sometimes more than 30 in the older games. Each unit has its own stats and abilities that make it best for certain conditions.

But this has also made some units much too strong for their own good. If players spend a lot of time on these characters and get lucky with their stat boosts, they can pretty much control an entire map by themselves. These are some of the most dangerous units that can be controlled by the player right away. They have the ability to become the best units in the game after a few battles, though.

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