7 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block- Simple And Smart

Familiar with writer’s block? Well, if not then read the blog till the end and get to know what is writer’s block and how to overcome it.

No writer no matter how experienced they are in the writing field can write a book on the first attempt. It requires a lot of patience and hard work to create a content outline and collect ideas for a book. But there are times when they feel retarded or annoyed or maybe something else. 

As a result, writers are stuck in the void and fail to think any further. This is where all the ideas stop raining and they just feel zone out. 

Moreover, many factors can affect a writer’s productivity and energy. It can be location, the environment they write, what hours they write in, and many more. 

Affective Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block 

Whether you are writing a novel, research paper, case study, or non-fiction, or if you are one of those Western fiction story writers, the thing is that writer’s block is normal and even professional writers face this. 

But you just can’t stop your writing, instead, read these simple and effective ways to overcome writer’s block. 

  • Level Up Your Workplace

Just like a sunset and sunrise can lift the mood, having a beautifully set up workplace will lift the mood too. Add cool furniture and play with paints, this means that you can paint the walls of the room that you work in. Having a calm and cool atmosphere helps in relaxing and fades away all the negative 

  • Try Pomodoro Technique 

This technique is quite effective, all a writer needs to do is set an alarm or a timer that will alert them to rest and relax their mind. You can download an app or simply set a timer that can remind you. A 25 mins break is a must and writers deserve it. 

  • Schedule Your Day 

Schedule your entire day and only then start writing so that interrupted calls or meetings can affect your previous hours of writing. 

  • Try Prompting

Try reflecting on yourself and writing brief notes, self-reflect is important, and writing drafts before you start actual writing will allow you to focus on the areas you lack.  

  • Read And Read

Writers must read and there is no second thought to it, you need to read so that your mind is away from all negative thoughts and you are only focusing on how to improve. 

  • Focus On The Green Part

Always trust your guts and never let criticism affect you. Keep going and trust the process, there might be some obstacles in the writing process. It is only wise that you focus on success and keep looking forward to enhancing and making your writing better. 

Learn new ways and methods to write compelling books to compete with the trends in novel and fiction writing. 

  • Don’t Compare Yourself 

Lastly, never compare yourself with other authors, you do you and they do what they are capable of. A writer should only focus on their ways and not how other writers write their books. 

Let’s discuss all the factors that can affect writers and lead them to writer’s block. 

  • Factor 1: Stress 

Stress is common, this can be the foremost reason that can lead to writer’s block. It can be the reason that sucks the energy of the individual eventually making them mentally tired. There are times when the person feels their heartbeat going high and low resulting in a nervous breakdown. 

  • Factor 2: Burnout 

Having to work all day and still worry about how to meet the ends can lead to burnout. This makes the writer worry about things other than writing and shifts the focus.

  • Factor 3: Too much on the plate 

Another factor is that when the writer is bombarded with too much information, they tend to feel loaded. Writers are approached back and forth for the project they are working this can make them,

  • Factor 4: Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is a natural phenomenon, so when you are bound by responsibilities it’s natural to feel that you are going to fail. When people start expecting too much from a writer, they feel pressure and this results in writer’s block. This makes them worry about the outcomes and consequences that can lead to failure. 

  • Factor 5: The Urge To Deliver Perfectionism 

 Who doesn’t want perfection in their work, when writers are expected to deliver nothing but perfection, this makes them doubt their quality work and ability to write well. 


So, this was all about how to cope with writer’s block and the factors that affect it. 

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