8 Best Long Guns In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has a lot of long guns that can be used to kill the Root’s vicious horde, but only a few of them are really good.

Remnant 2 is a third-person shooter game by Gunfire Games that is similar to Souls. It has a strong focus on gunplay rather than close-quarters combat, but it also has a good range of melee weapons. Remnant 2 gives you two types of guns to choose from when it comes to power: handguns and long guns. What each one means is pretty clear from the name.

The game gives you 19 different handguns and 22 different long guns to cause chaos among the enemy lines. The long guns are the most important part of your character’s arsenal, and you will use them most of the time. With so many long guns to choose from, the question is: which ones are the best?

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