9 brain-stimulating puzzle games to play today

While many people play puzzle games as a mind-numbing diversion, there are those who are looking for something much more involved. They seek puzzles that will keep them glued to their screens for hours while they study the complex pattern, reasoning, or justification that will advance them. Today, we honor both the players and the games themselves. These are the Epic Games Store’s most challenging puzzle games.

The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre is one of several clever first-person puzzle games with an AI friend and a fantastic gun; its primary puzzle-solving mechanism is unique. You find a huge, white gun with an unusual sci-fi property as you awaken in a malfunctioning puzzle-based research center, accompanied by a complaining computer voice. For particular items, time can be turned back.9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Entropy
Let’s say you just have one box, however there are two switches on the floor that unlock two successive doors. In order to use it, you must first switch it to the second position, then move it to the first position, and finally enter the first door. Aim ASTRA (the time-gun) at the box from here to cause it to reverse its path back to the second switch. The second door is now open, ta-da. You must approach these increasingly difficult tasks by thinking backward. They practically make you plan ahead by making you use your brain in reverse.

The Case Of The Golden Idol

In this murder mystery game from the 18th century, you take on the role of a detective who must sift through several hints to piece together a sequence of happenings. We’re discussing every hint, including the names, backgrounds, connections to one another, and—most crucially—motivations of each character.9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Golden Idol

In order to solve a situation, you must in your notebook assign a variety of nouns to a string of sentences until you have correctly put together something that like the following: While MAURICE EVANS, ASH BREAGE, ROBERT REDRUTH, and HENRY GREEN were playing cards and listening to loud music, OSCAR WRIGHT entered HENRY GREEN’s room through the trapdoor.

If you get everything right, the story will continue. But it’s much harder than you think because the nuanced clues call for a ton of logical deduction. Before you know it, you’ll be making notes and stringing them together like a conspiracy theorist.


Your character in Filament is striving to save an apparent survivor while playing through some unusual challenges on a nearly deserted space station.9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Filament

Imagine driving a lot of nails into a board, then weaving rope in and out of those nails to make a design. This scenario is based on that delicate threading operation, but with strange rectangular towers and a conducting wire spread out by a robot that you may remotely manage. Before your poor robot leaves the room, you must get the wire to touch the various pillars the right amount of times without getting it knotted up. That’s how the riddles begin, before they become much trickier.

The game is wonderful, features excellent voice acting, beautiful music, and some fantastic environmental storytelling. Just be aware that things can become quite challenging.


It’s telling that Shapez’s tutorial starts off by adamantly stating, “This is NOT an idle game!” It’s tempting to believe that it might be as you construct conveyor belts to direct shapes toward your hub and then sit back to watch it all operate. But this puzzle game, which draws its primary inspiration from Factorio, is significantly more challenging and intricate.9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Shapez

Soon, you’ll be breaking forms down into smaller pieces, putting them in the right orientation, painting them with hues from other conveyor belts, and assembling complex factory machinery with them.

What makes this course so effective is how it walks you through the first few concepts before leaving you to quietly work out other concepts on your own. (However, there is always a tip system available in case you become confused.)

Manifold Garden

Many first-person puzzle games challenge our preconceived notions, but Manifold Garden goes far beyond. It urges you to consider all possibilities. Or at least in universes that are eternally contained, where falling far enough in one direction finally returns you to your original position. Oh, and non-Euclidean geometry exists in that realm as well, where climbing stairs can maintain you at the same level and circling four right angles won’t return you to your starting point. Yes, all that, but you can also freely choose one of six other directions for your source of gravity.9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Manifold

You must solve riddles within that straightforward setting. So far, so good—until things get a little difficult, the cubes you’re moving around have inverted conceptions of themselves, and you start thinking in five dimensions.

Despite all of this, Manifold Garden is immensely approachable because of its pristine appearance and unobtrusive direction. approachable yet awfully difficult.

Bonfire Peaks

There are numerous puzzles that involve moving bricks across a level, but few are able to do so with such a perfect level of difficulty and emotional impact. In the movie Bonfire Peaks, a guy sets fire to everything he owns. To make a path for him to bring his clothing container to the level’s bonfire, you move blocks around 3D voxel levels.9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Bonfire
The thing that makes this game special is that our protagonist always carries a box one tile in front of him. So you have to plan routes that let him move about with that restriction. The controls can be a little challenging at first. Especially if you need to turn our character around halfway along his trip, but it’s absolutely worth persevering with. Bonfire Peaks is a remarkably emotive game that is also extremely intelligent and challenging.

The Witness

The Witness by Jonathan Blow must be brought up when talking about the most difficult problems. One of the most well-known puzzle games ever made purposefully leaves you with no instructions to follow. You are left to explore a lovely island that is covered with hundreds of grid-based puzzles on panels. As you proceed, you must figure out the rules and make connections. That will allow you to solve both the smaller problems on the panels and the larger meta-puzzles throughout the universe. 9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind The Witness
It encourages you to try out easier variations of a challenge before making it more harder as you move up a chain. When you reach a point in the game where you are completely lost. You can simply stroll to another location on the island and attempt a different series of riddles. This frequently provides you with a new perspective you may apply to the earlier subject. And those breakthrough moments can be immensely fulfilling.

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build

When it comes to third-person puzzles, publishers Draknek have a monopoly. They are also the creators of the popular puzzle games A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build and A Monster’s Expedition in addition to Bonfire Peaks. Consider this article a recommendation for the last two, both of which are ingenious revisions of the Sokoban format.9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Snowman

Games called “Sokoban” require you to move blocks to tiles, keys to doors. And other objects without pushing any of them into a wall. Or corner from where they can no longer be moved. These block-puzzle games were popular in the 1980s on BBC Micros and have subsequently appeared on other platforms. Similar to a snowman, but with snowballs that enlarge as you push them across snow-covered tiles. The object of these exquisitely designed puzzles is to stack three balls—one huge, one medium, and one small—on top of one another to form a snowman.

Similar in every way to its monster-like protagonist, A Monster’s Expedition is a game. Where you knock over trees and roll the resulting logs to make bridges across islands. When pushed lengthways, logs will stand up before falling over. But when pushed widthways, they will roll until they hit something. The vast selection of puzzles are created using this distinction.


Given the recent rush of Sokoban puzzles, including ones written by Draknek, it only makes sense to end with Sokobond, the game that first made them famous. 9 Puzzle Games That Will Melt Your Mind Sokobond

Sokobond is the perfect puzzle game if you want to appear to be doing your homework while playing. It all comes down to moving atoms around to create molecules. And they actually bind together according to their actual covalent bonding structure. A couple of hydrogens and an oxygen are involved in the first few levels. And the solutions include getting those two Hs to unite on two orthogonal sides of the O. such as science!

The Sokoban concept of not wanting to design a shape that will get caught against a wall in the tiled levels accounts for the puzzle-like feature.

If you’ve forgotten all of your high school chemistry, don’t worry. The quantity of potential bonds for these atoms indicate by little circles floating around them. Thus everything may inferred without considering the chemical perspective. However, atoms naturally form connections with one another, so if you place two hydrogen atoms. For example, too close to one another, their bonds will exploited, forcing you to change your strategy. When you start introducing double bonds, the capacity to break bonds, and…well, seriously. No one’s going to believe you’re having fun when you play this, things get much more intriguing.

We keep this collection updated with new additions so that everyone may discover something to their liking whenever the mood strikes, as there are many more amazing puzzle games than those we’ve mentioned above. Pikmin 4, Coreball, The Talos Principle 2, Jusant, and Storyteller are just a few of the highlights. Please enjoy the most up-to-date examples of puzzle games till the next update.

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