9 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Tulsa in 2023

Whenever it involves activities to do with kids in Tulsa, there is no shortage of budget and pricey options for everyone in the household to enjoy. In the following article, we’ll go over some of the greatest adventures to do with children in Tulsa, encompassing activities that are indoors as well as outdoors. Tulsa, Oklahoma is an excellent family vacation spot. There are several free parks, interesting vistas, and natural paths across the city.

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9 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Tulsa:

1. The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is the best place to take kids in Tulsa. It is ideal for a day of fun outdoor activities with the kids. Before exploring the many playgrounds, have a bite to eat or a cup of coffee at The Lodge. There are playgrounds for toddlers, and the rest are open to all ages.

Across the pond, don’t miss Slide Vale and Swing Hill. Slide Vale, as the name suggests, offers many slides to zip down. Swing Hill is out with little pockets of swings strewn throughout. Even when the park is crowded, you can get away from it all over here. The skate and bike park are popular with older children.

2. Oxley Nature Center

The Oxley Nature Centre is a fantastic place to take the family to discover nature. It’s in Mohawk Park, near the Tulsa Zoo. There are various nature trails to choose from, totaling 9 miles. Wind through the woods, walk on the pavement, and explore the marshes. The trails are frequently visited by deer, insects, birds, and turtles.

The pathways are readily joined, allowing you to customize the duration of your walk. For a short journey, stick to one way. Combine many trails for a longer walk. The North Woods Trails offer more. These three pathways are in Mohawk Park, before the Nature Centre. In the spring, the trails can become muddy. Bring boots or stay away from them during this time.

3. River Parks

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s River Parks Authority (RPA) is a park system. It maintains miles of Arkansas River paths. The RPA has plenty to offer everyone, including bikers, runners, walkers, and wildlife lovers. Take a stroll along Riverside Drive on the River Parks Trail. Take a break at one of the many riverfront parks or even the 41st Street Splash Pad for some fresh air and stunning views.

4. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area is one of the best spots to hike in Tulsa. There are around 300 acres of splendour of nature to discover at this park. There are a number of trails varying in length and complexity. Mountain cyclists enjoy Turkey Mountain as well. If you have little children, this may not be the greatest walk for you. Construction to upgrade the trails is still ongoing as of March 2023. Currently, some paths are closed. But there are still more routes to explore.

5. Center of the Universe

Tulsa’s Centre of the Universe is a one-of-a-kind and intriguing attraction. This location, denoted by a circular disc on the ground, reflects noises back to you. This audio abnormality is well worth investigating.

6. Golden Driller Statue

The 75-foot-tall Golden Driller statue is a Tulsa icon. Pose for a snapshot with this one-of-a-kind statue. The steel frame of the statue is concrete and plaster. “The Golden Driller, an emblem of the International Petroleum Exposition,” the words at the foot of the statue read. “Dedicated to the men of the oil and gas sector who, through their vision and daring, contributed to a better life for humanity from God’s enough.”

7. Route 66

The historic Route 66 roadway runs through Tulsa, providing the ideal opportunity to visit some of the city’s most popular attractions! Tulsa has many Routes 66 attractions. Here are a few of the top sites to visit. The Mother Road Market, a nostalgic food court, is a nice place to sample some local cuisine. Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios sells one-of-a-kind gifts from your trip down Route 66. Also, take a picture of the classic Meadow Gold sign.

8. Discovery Lab

The Discovery Lab is a Tulsa science museum that is suitable for children of all ages. There are interactive exhibits and displays to keep your children occupied for hours. The Discovery Lab also provides lectures, workshops, and summer camps for children. In the Hydrolab, investigate the properties of water, sort-coloured balls in Ballapalooza, and climb around in the tape tunnel before sliding back to the ground. These are just a few of the exciting exhibits available at the Discovery Lab.

9. Tulsa Air and Space Museum

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is ideal for children interested in science, space, or technology. It features many exhibits that highlight various areas of aviation and space travel. There are also interactive exhibits where you can learn more about how planes and spaceships operate. The Tulsa Air and Space Museum also includes a planetarium with a variety of daily performances. Explore space to learn about our solar system, stars, Mars, and black holes.

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