Nintendo’s Samba de Amigo: Party Central is a revolutionary dance experience for dance enthusiasts. This lively, fresh, and zesty Nintendo creation, which draws inspiration from games such as Just Dance, offers an array of explosive color palette scenes for dancers to discover new rhythms.

In this installment of the series, players can test their dancing abilities at any difficulty level with any character. Although Latin music may not be at the core of the game, the essence of various music genres is embodied by electrifying playable characters. Let’s explore some of the finest tracks on the game’s soundtrack.

1. “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga featuring Colby O’Donis

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It’s nearly impossible not to have a Lady Gaga banger on the track list! This 2008 Billboard Hot 100 chart topper remains immortalized across dance mediums, games, and studios to date. In Samba de Amigo: Party Central, the game utilizes every hip, pop, and lock motion for players to delve deep into their dance fantasy.

With this addition to the track list, players can look forward to an iconic flashback to late 2000s pop anthems. Known as one of the era’s most freeing and universally approved songs, Gaga’s song is a tone-setter for fans to indulge in nostalgia while throwing down new moves with a 2023 flair. Let’s hope that it’s not just the TikTok moves that push players for the win regarding showdowns.

2. “Celebrate” by Pitbull

This one defines the “party” in Party Central. And no one puts the fun in “party” better than the legendary Pitbull himself. The Samba de Amigo franchise is well-versed in layering songs that build off the previous song’s physical energy and musical vibes. In the Party Central installment, songs like ‘Celebrate’ stimulate an atmosphere of joy. Compared to other games like Just Dance, Samba de Amigo: Party Central centers itself on fun themes to entice players to rooms filled with fun.

Fans can celebrate with classic characters like Amiga, Bingo and Bongo, and Linda, providing their character level-ups based on their instruments or quirky needs, such as Amigo and his baked bananas. The nods to subtle Latin culture remain infused throughout the game thanks to food, musical instruments, and attire.

3. “Tik Tok” by KE$HA

In the vein of continuing to praise the golden era of internet music gems from the late 200s and early 2010s, Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’ has a place on the Party Central track set. As wacky as the song is, players can get even wackier by decking out monkey friends Amigo and Amigo, or mandolin player and conga drummer cheetahs Chumba and Wamba, in mix-matched color pieces for even more fun. Shaking to this tune will land fans in beat-thumping, groove-jumping, and sweat-inducing dance mode.

There is no room for a single-player match with a song as eccentric as this! Invite friends to shake the stress away while taking cues from the mini-games to achieve greater success by the end of the dance round.

4. “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis

The era of party-core EDM in the 2010s was a dance movement unlike any other. Samba de Amigo: Party Central’s inclusion of this underrated track proves that Sega did not come to play around. It offers fans a trip down memory lane while energizing their spirits with new moves to this Galantis song. Players obsessed with characters like Amigo the Monkey or Rio the Cat can throw down for a zippy dance-off.

Incorporating EDM adds a refreshing element to the game’s playlist, encouraging players to break a sweat to more bass-heavy and fast-paced rhythms. Try throwing this track on for a showdown round at a party! The vivid party colors mixed with fans familiar with Galantis’ star dazzling set designs, particularly the scenic nighttime city vibes based in the music video for “Runaway (U & I),” can enhance the feet-pounding mood.

5. “XS” by Rina Sawayama

From rising star Rina Sawayama, this smooth, self-indulgent song amps up self-motivation and self-validation, perfect for players to uplift their spirits. Fans deserve a track to unwind and let loose on, and this is where Rina Sawayama delivers. Games like Party Central open doors for exploring varying and ever-evolving dance and dance movement flavors.

As a peak COVID-19 pandemic hit that infused early 2000s influences from beat, lyrics, and even music video fashion, “Dinosaur Game” deserves a spot as one of the best songs on the Samba de Amigo: Party Central soundtrack. It’s one of those songs that can bring a player out of self-isolation mode and into feeling fabulous. Players can use new funky outfits to switch up the mood when shaking around to this suave beat.

6. “Dynamite” by BTS

Including these world-renowned performers in the K-Pop music pack is an ultimate power move for the Samba de Amigo: Party Central franchise. BTS has grown to become one of the most notorious and influential K-Pop boy bands in current music history. Their hit single “Dynamite” encourages fans to smash down and jive.

Expansion packs can sometimes be a hit or miss, but Sega remains strategic in cultural inclusivity with both a K-Pop and Japanese expansion pack. Lining up international smash singles and dropping TikTok favorites from a group as newly renowned as BTS allows Sega to reach fresher, younger audiences with the Samba de Amigo franchise.

7. “Shake Senora” by Pitbull featuring T-Pain and Sean Paul

Mr. Worldwide’s Latin-based banger, “Shake Senora,: with hip-hop and reggeaton powerhouses T-Pain and Sean Paul (respectively), is included in Samba de Amigo: Party Central’s launch day bonus track pack. And what a way to turn up the final moments of a festal party! Fans can always appreciate a classic that sets fire to the soul as the play button rolls. This song effectively uses the controllers’ maracas feature right to the beat.

This jam should play as the ultimate closing song for maximum party fun. Players can jazz up their characters in perfect festive costumes and take as many mini-game cues and activation bubble hints as possible, to win in a final showdown.

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