Destiny: 8 Most Disastrous Events In The Lore

Destiny has some really essential backstory to add to the world-building, as well as some terrible occurrences that players must be aware of.

Destiny has a lot of history that fans and writers of lore can dig through. The game Destiny and Destiny 2 players can learn a lot if they are willing to listen and read. This is true whether they use Grimoire cards or lore tabs on things. After all, Destiny doesn’t start with the player being brought back to life by their Ghost. Instead, the series takes place in a world that has already been lived in, which makes things feel more real when a new Guardian joins the fight.

Because of this, there have been some really bad things happen in Destiny that deserve to be known. For both new and old players, it’s best to learn about the most important events in the Destiny story timeline. This will help you understand what happened to humanity and why the Guardians are stuck in a never-ending fight for the Traveler and the Light.

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