The necessities of clients in the present computerized world are continually evolving. Clients all around the world are enamored by the advantages presented by Office 365 and Exchange since they have become the overwhelming focus. Certain individuals need to move to another climate and profit by them. However, there are additionally some other people who might want to adhere to their current arrangements reliably. As the idiom goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and such individuals find it hard to take a major jump sometime down the road. In any event, information migration exercises, for example, GSuite to Office 365, Exchange to Office 365, or Office 365 to On-Premise climate require a serious and proficient degree of arranging and planning. Numerous clients crash and burn with a vengeance because of an absence of satisfactory data or arranging. You could be looking in the wrong place in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to continue with the migration. Numerous clients approach me and depict their migration hardships, and in the wake of hearing all of this, I chose to search for a computerized device that could be useful to them. EdbMails Office 365 migration guide is one such programming application that provoked my curiosity. I went over this and chose to put it through some serious hardship concerning proficiency, execution, and in general quality. It’s noteworthy to see that these apparatuses are being created at a similar rate as cloud innovation progresses. Therefore, clients can abstain from composing complex PowerShell scripts or doing it the hard way.


EdbMails is an expert level Office 365 migration programming for the individuals who are new. It is totally computerized, so you just sign in to your post boxes and perform Office 365 and Exchange migration. EdbMails upholds a wide range of letter drop migration, including mass post box migration and occupant to-inhabitant migration in Office 365. Likewise valuable for clients are left with old heritage Exchange, On-Premise Exchange servers and need to relocate to the cloud. EdbMails is likewise a totally graphical connection point programming that is easy to use because of its simple route and stream.


Now that we’ve acquainted you with EdbMails, we should investigate a portion of its most prominent elements.

EdbMails granular migration highlight guarantees that every one of the information is totally moved completely without losing anything.

An exceptionally computerized instrument sets pantomime freedoms, maps letter boxes, and plays out the migration with insignificant client connection.

The graphical UI (GUI) permits you to see every one of the letter boxes progressively and select them as you see fit.

With EdbMails you have a bit by bit direction of the whole strategy.

Another outstanding component is that EdbMails upholds all migration situations, including Exchange and Office 365 migrations, as well as migrations from inheritance to On-Premise and Office 365 to Hosted Exchange, making it very adaptable.

EdbMails additionally moves all consents and mail things like schedules, contacts, and notes.

The migration interaction is likewise unaffected, and the product effectively handles choking.

EdbMails programming is viable with more seasoned Windows 7 variants as well as lower-end frameworks with restricted RAM and hard plate space.

Advantages and disadvantages


EdbMails chips away at all Windows Operating Systems and Windows Servers
Programming is easy to utilize and explore without intricacies
Complete and balanced move from the source to the objective
Appropriate for every one of the clients whether individual, business or enormous ventures.


EdbMails is appropriate for Windows and doesn’t uphold Macintosh frameworks
Interruption and Resume choice for migration is yet to be executed.
EdbMails activity and establishment is genuinely clear as crystal. To test the regressive similarity, I introduced it on a Windows 7 PC. It was easy to download and introduce, and it utilizes not very many framework assets. I opened different projects, including Microsoft Office, Chrome Browser, and EdbMails, to test the laziness, and the product opened up rapidly and without slack. I have 4GB of RAM memory and EdbMails programming introduced on C Drive, which has 80 GB of free hard plate space. Considering these contemplations, EdbMails puts no extra expectations on your framework’s assets. It doesn’t hang or hold up during the migration, which is very amazing. I’ll go over the migration stream straightaway, and it’s significant that the migration can be finished in three straightforward advances.

Select the choice Office 365 migration from the primary screen subsequent to introducing the product.

Stage 1: You will be provoked to sign in to your Office 365 record. EdbMails utilizes OAuth 2.0 present day verification assuming that you select the advanced login technique. You will be coordinated to the authority Office 365 login page, where you should confirm your qualifications.

Stage 2: EdbMails stacks every one of your post boxes from your record and shows them in a simple to-see design after you sign in. You can extend every letter box by tapping the in addition to (+) sign close to it to see the different mail things like contacts, errands, and envelopes like Inbox, Drafts, and Sent Items. The quantity of things in every organizer is additionally shown, permitting you to skirt those without any things.

Stage 3: After you’ve made your choices, you’ll have to sign in to the objective record. Since different choices are canvassed in the accompanying segments, we will zero in on the Office 365 to Office 365 migration in this part. At the point when you click the Migrate to Office 365 button, you will be provoked to enter and confirm your objective record certifications. The means are basically equivalent to in the source, with the exemption that you should plan the post boxes. EdbMails can likewise do it for you naturally founded on the post box names’ comparability or definite match. When the planning is finished, twofold really take a look at them, change the Action to Migrate on the left, and start the migration.

Stage 4: The time it takes to play out the not set in stone by the number and size of things in your post boxes. On a quick web association, relocating a 2GB post box ought to take something like 60 minutes. You can leave the product running behind the scenes to take care of its responsibilities. After the migration is finished, it shows a log report for simple check. You can print this or physically check the migration’s rightness and precision.


EdbMails can relocate Public Folders, Shared Mailboxes, and Archive Mailboxes notwithstanding customary letter boxes. You can interface with the Public Folder or Archive Mailbox from the principal association window. At the point when you utilize the letter box login strategy depicted above, you will likewise see a rundown of all your common letter boxes. Public organizer orders can be extremely complicated, and relocating them physically can cost you truly in time and cash. EdbMails enormously works on this cycle by permitting you to see your letter boxes as a whole and their organizers in a solitary area. Before you start relocating, ensure you have a Public Folder and that it is mail empowered.


After we’ve covered Public Folders and Shared Mailboxes, you can relocate Office 365 to any Exchange form utilizing EdbMails. This is helpful for the people who intend to change to an on-premise Exchange climate or who need to relocate a few clients to Exchange in a half and half climate. Select the Migrate to Live Exchange choice at the lower part of the principal interface screen. This permits you to enter your objective record accreditations and start the migration from Office 365 to Exchange.


There is additionally the choice of sponsorship up your Office 365 post boxes to PST record design. The PST document can then be opened or brought into any Outlook program to reestablish the entirety of your information. You can likewise save the PST record as a reinforcement in the event that you like. One of the pleasant highlights is that the choices are all in one spot, making it extremely advantageous for clients to complete their favored activity.


We really want to discuss EdbMails estimating in light of the fact that it is one of the most savvy programming items available when contrasted with numerous other comparable contenders. They are impeccably custom-made to all clients, whether they are independent companies or enormous partnerships. The permit for 100 letter boxes costs $200 and diminishes in cost (cost per post box) as the quantity of licenses bought increments. A group offer (Exchange + Office 365) is likewise accessible for $360 (for 100 Exchange + 100 Office 365 letter boxes). You can set aside more cash by buying the post boxes in mass than by buying them independently. I ought to likewise specify that the quantity of post boxes can be redone in light of your prerequisites. On the off chance that we needed to summarize EdbMails in single word, it is the device to utilize in the event that you are on a strict financial plan yet at the same time need the highlights as a whole.


Office 365 and Exchange migration ought to be easy with EdbMails support on your side. As the colloquialism goes, a little learning is something risky, we encourage you to contact EdbMails 24×7 free help for any inquiries you could have. They have been helping clients in more than 150+ nations and taking into account their skill around here, you will without a doubt acquire than if you gave it a shot your own.

Moreover, there is compelling reason should be worried about information misfortune while utilizing EdbMails programming. This is on the grounds that you can test it completely utilizing the free preliminary variant prior to buying it. To introduce anything on your PC for security or consent reasons, EdbMails gives a valuable component of free item live demos, which permit you to figure out the whole working cycle at your recreation. One of EdbMails’ client care delegates will walk you through the different advances and the whole programming. During the meeting, you can clarify pressing issues and guide the different step

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