Explainer Videos: Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

Animated explainers that animated explainer video services specialize in have become the ultimate marketing tool for businesses today. The text-only approach is not enough anymore to promote products and services while attracting customers. By the same token, marketers nowadays rely on visuals to increase brand awareness and win conversions.

Moreover, video explainers have become a go-to marketing tool for businesses because of the diverse benefits they offer. In this post, we shall look into the ultimate power of explainers, plus their structure. Before that, we want you to understand the power of videos and what video explainers are.

The Power of Videos and Video Explainers 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a minute-long video is worth 1.8 million words. Moreover, including videos in digital marketing strategies has become important for SMBs (Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses) over time. Do you know: Why? 

“72 percent of consumers prefer watching videos about products or services before making a purchase decision.” Consumers prioritize watching videos to learn about products or services because they present information to them in a digestible manner. 

Now, let us tell you what video explainers are. Video explainers are short videos of 30 to 90 seconds, in general, that explain the products or services of businesses. These videos leave a positive impression on customers’ minds while encouraging customers to buy the products and services of businesses.  

Furthermore, you will often find explainers on a landing, homepage, or product page of a website. Statistics reveal businesses with explainers on their website pages experience a 144% increase in conversions. 

In addition, you can quickly yet effectively communicate about your offerings to customers via explainers.

The Ultimate Marketing Tool – Explainer Videos

You may create an explainer about your product or service; subsequently, add it to your website homepage. Further, you may find out it has increased your website ranking and eventually conversions. Based on such power of an explainer, you can realize why investing in explainers makes sense.

Besides, explainer videos as your ultimate marketing tool can benefit your business in several ways. We have also given below reasons why video explainers are your ultimate marketing tool:

  • Grab Customers’ Attention 

The attention span of people has decreased over time. That is only eight seconds today. For the same reason, you need to grab viewers’ attention within the first eight seconds of your video. 

Luckily, video explainers (animated explainers) allow you to do that effortlessly. You can confidently invest in these videos, plus include them on your website. It won’t only help you grab customers’ attention but also help your businesses with increased sales.

  • Make a Perfect Sales Pitch

There is nothing worse than not knowing how to explain your product or service to prospects engagingly. Anyway, video explainers allow you to fascinatingly explain your product or service to prospective customers.

Put differently, explainers make a perfect sales pitch for your business. With the aid of these videos, you can engagingly explain your product or service to the audience. As a result, they will persuade your prospects to finally buy what you are offering to them.

  • Easy to Share with the World

Video explainers that businesses often create after partnering with the USA animated explainer video services are easy to share, too. You can easily share these videos with people across the globe.

Besides, 55 percent of people today watch video content online every day. You should capitalize on this fact and try to captivate your audience via videos. What’s better than animated explainers to captivate your audience and promote what you sell?  

Not to mention, you can easily share powerful video explainers with your audience all over the world. In this regard, you can exploit popular social media platforms where your target audience is, too.

Moreover, we want you to know an interesting fact about sharing your explainers on social media platforms. That is, 64 percent of customers buy a product or service after watching its video on social media platforms.

Furthermore, you can share your explainers on your website, in emails, and as a part of your presentations. In other words, the shareability of explainers extends beyond social media platforms.

  • Improve Conversion Rates

Increasing conversions is the ultimate goal of marketers which video marketing aids them in accomplishing, too. In other words, videos help marketers successfully achieve their objective of winning conversions.

Furthermore, video explainers prove very helpful for businesses when it comes to improving conversions. A survey also reveals a fascinating fact about power explainer videos.

According to a survey, “prospects are more likely to buy products or services after watching video explainers about them.” By the same token, it makes sense that you also include video explainers in your marketing campaigns. Why?

You can successfully address the problem your customers face while promoting your product or service with explainers. As a result, customers will finally buy your product or service, which will eventually improve conversions for your business.

How to Structure an Explainer Video

When structuring your explainer, it is important that you ensure your video is easy-to-understand and engaging. In other words, your video explainer should inspire anyone who watches it. 

Moreover, you can properly structure your video explainers for marketing with the aid of three elements. Those three elements include the following:

  1. Focus on the Problem Your Customers Face
  2. Communicate about Your Product or Service as the Solution
  3. End Your Video with a CTA (Call to Action)

  • Focus on the Problem Your Customers Face

First of all, you should let your customers realize their problem in the video. You can accomplish that with a storyline entailing a character facing the same problem. It will let your audience realize that a video explainer is relevant to them while evoking their emotions. 

Not to mention, you can encourage customers to watch your video till the end if it arouses emotions in them.

  • Communicate about Your Product or Service as the Solution

Once you let your audience realize the problem they are facing, you can reveal to them the solution. Besides, you will present your product or service as the solution to your customers’ problem. Talking about the key benefits of your product or service, you can make your video stand out among your audience.

  • End Your Video with a CTA (Call to Action)

Finally, you will end your video with a relevant CTA to encourage customers to take the right action. As an example, your CTA may include a link to your website based on your goal.  

These are the three elements you need to keep in mind when creating a video explainer. Incorporating these elements in the video, you can make your explainers for marketing stand out and finally increase your conversions.


Animated explainers that animated explainer video services often create have become the ultimate marketing tool for businesses today. Besides, video explainers are generally short videos of 30 to 90 seconds that explain the products or services of businesses. They serve as the ultimate marketing tool for businesses in various ways. For instance, they make a perfect sales pitch and benefit businesses with increased conversions. Moreover, you can properly structure your video explainers with the aid of three elements. That is, including your customers’ problem, the solution, and a CTA in your explainers. Lastly, you can make your explainer stand out and increase conversions if you create it well.

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