How to Fix Magento 2 Too Many Redirects

A high number of redirect errors is caused by inappropriate use of redirection tools. This error might have been due to a plugin fault with your website, depending on the cause. You can test the site for an error by activating and removing all plugin folders.

Now try to access your website. This will create a new access file and remove it from your account. Can you fix this error by yourself? Absolutely, yes. Check out our guide on how you can reroute the loop. Or, if you got stuck somewhere, you can have a word with Magento eCommerce experts to resolve your issues.

Find the Root of an Error Occurring

It is quite important to know the main cause of a redirection error so you can fix it quickly and easily. Every time a server gives information back to the browsers, it provides a status code so that the browser can easily tell the result of the interaction with the server.

There is a set of standard HTTP Status CODE that is used in practice so you can easily find the redirection problem by looking at the status code. A list of HTTP status codes is given below:

HTTP Status Code

  • 1xx informational response: The request was received, continuing the process
  • 2xx successful: The request was received, understood, and accepted successfully
  • 3xx redirection: More action needs to be taken to complete the request
  • 4xx client error: The request includes bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled
  • 5xx server error: The server failed to complete a valid request

How to fix a redirect error in the web browser?

On average, 20 redirects can be done within the time limit by any browser. To check for a possible error, deactivate the plugin and test your website. When two URL identifiers are set in the Address and site address settings. You’re allowed to do one of the following:

  1. Reinstall every single plugin.
  2. Reinstall the redirect plugin that you have used.
  3. Deactivate all the plugins and enable them one by one.
  4. Check the site redirection problem every time you enable a plugin.

How to fix a redirect error in Magento 2?

Clear the browser cache/cookies, and then refresh the page. Have a word with experts if it does not work. However, there are some things you might need to do if you’re the site administrator. As you know, the error is often due to incorrect configuration of Magento 2. As a matter of fact, removing cache or cookies can be quite simple.

Here are some of the strategies to get rid of this, they are as follows:

  1. You have to Check URL Settings

Keep regular checks on the URL settings as a single mistake can make redirect loops. All you have to do is:

  • Log in to your Account
  • Go to the main menu and then select stores > configuration
  • On the right corner, select system > configuration
  • Go to the main menu, open the general list, and click on the web

In many cases, these addresses should be the same. Careful examination is needed to make sure that the differences are not a problem. Keep in mind that they do not contain:

  • Some whitespaces at the end.
  • WWW at the starting (as instead of
  1. Review the .htaccess

Apache’s Web server configuration file is .htaccess. For any possible problem, it’s always good to look at it. Before making any changes, make sure that you have a backup of the .htaccess file. In your folder, the possibility is that there could be multiple .htaccess files and you will probably need to check every one of them for possible problems.

  1. Modification of Security Protocol

If you are using an SSL certificate, go to the default protocol. To check that the redirection loop is no longer available, refresh this page. You must have the SSL certificate fully set up before using it if you continue to receive this message. This address is maintained as HTTPS.

Remember that when returning to a place where users are assured of access security, consider contacting experts offering custom eCommerce website development services to ensure greater reliability of your website.


If you have encountered error messages such as too many redirects in your Magento store, the issues are coming in front due to .htaccess file or cache folder. Delete the cache and session folder from the new Magento package and create a new copy of .htaccess. Then refresh and it’s going to be fine.

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