FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi


Follicular Unit Extraction is a relatively less invasive method for hair transplant. Also known as the scarless technique, it is a long-lasting procedure for hair transplant. It involves extracting the individual hair follicular grafts from the back of the head and implanting them onto the bald area using a pen-like micromotor drill punch. After the procedure, the donor area is left to heal by itself.


PRP Therapy:


Known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy , PRP PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is an advanced, non-surgical, therapeutic procedure that helps in triggering the natural growth process through injections. It aims to increase and maintain thick and robust hair growth among hair follicles.


Repair Bad Hair Transplant in Delhi


This hair transplant technique is a reparative one used to repair bad or deterred results of previously performed hair transplant procedures. It is also referred to as Corrective or Repairing hair transplant surgery. Our experienced hair transplant surgeons in Delhi determine the cause of failed hair transplants and closely work with patients dissatisfied with their results. Having sound expertise in this domain, they suggest the proper technique to fix a failed hair transplant. We can also correct the lousy output of outdated hair restoration procedures such as mini-grafting and hair plugs. If a poorly performed hair transplant procedure has left your life in tatters, then well-experienced surgeons at PGH can help you.



Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi at PGH Clinic


With increasing cases of failed hair transplants, it has become more important to choose the right hair transplant clinic in Delhi to avoid corrective surgeries. At PGH, we utilize cutting-edge equipment and advanced PGH technique to perform hair transplants. Being a customer-friendly hair restoration clinic, we are offering all-inclusive and affordable hair transplant packages.


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