The Canon business is renowned for assembling excellent cameras and robust printer gadgets. These printers offer great printouts and superb printing speed. The client can utilize his multifunctional Canon printer for fax and checking. But numerous Canon clients face error 5b00 while working. The client faces the error message when the Canon gadget can’t speak with the PC.

Normal purposes for Canon printer error code 5b00

Canon printer isn’t associated
The printer can’t track down the expected documents
Canon printer driver isn’t working
Paper sticking
Canon printer can’t track down the cartridge
The client is sending an invalid print order

Troubleshooting Canon printer error code 5b00

Reconnect your Canon printer

At the point when the printer shows a 5b00 error message on the screen; check for the association. Your printer frequently shows this error when it isn’t associated with the PC. The client needs to reconnect the printer on his gadget. Launch the cable and check in the event that the cable is working or not. Try not to utilize a broken cable on the printer. Get a working and rapid cable to interface your Canon gadget. Assuming the Canon printer is on Wi-Fi; restart the switch. Go to the printer and restart the Wifi button. The printer will look through the available organizations. Tap on the right SSID and presently check the printer for the error code.

Reset the Canon printer

Your error code can be fixed with a Canon printer reset. The printer can show errors because of invalid settings. You can attempt to physically fix the printer settings. In the event that you don’t remember the right settings of your printer gadget; go for a reset. Utilizing the processing plant reset choice will return all settings to inbuilt. Go to the Canon printer control board and hit the Reset menu. Pick Hard Reset and select OK. The Canon printer will reset with manufacturing plant settings. After the reset, the client needs to reconfigure all the printer settings including the secret phrase. Make a Canon printer secret key and afterward interface it with the Windows PC. Send a print order and check for the Canon error message.

Really take a look at Canon programming

Error code 5b00 happens because of design error. Your printer needs a driver to speak with your Windows PC. At the point when you don’t have the right driver; Canon will show an error message. The client needs to actually take a look at his PC for the right printer driver. Go to Windows PC and really take a look at the Canon programming. Assuming that the product is obsolete; get its most recent update. But when the driver documents are debased; you need to fix them. You ought to eliminate the tainted Canon programming from Windows PC and get another one. The printer gadget will begin working when it gets the right programming. Presently reconfigure your Canon and check for the error message.

Run printer troubleshooter

Numerous printer error codes can be fixed utilizing the troubleshooter. On Windows PC, go to the Security tab. Pick a troubleshooter and hit on Printer. The apparatus will find all printer-related records on the PC. In the event that any record isn’t working; the printer troubleshooter will fix it. Subsequent to fixing the debased printer documents; you will get a report wizard. Presently send another print order to the Canon gadget and review the error.

Reinstall the cartridge

Cartridge issues can likewise get the printer into error codes. At the point when the printer isn’t working; you can actually look at the cartridges. Open the printer and check the cartridge spaces. Eliminate all cartridges and really take a look at the pins. Presently spotless the residue from your printer and introduce the ink cartridges cautiously. Subsequent to introducing all cartridges, resend the print order to your Canon gadget.

Check the printhead

The client should check the printhead of his Canon gadget. The dried ink gets stuck on the printhead and the print might show errors. To clean the head, the client can run a utility device. Run the apparatus two times to clean the printhead of the Canon gadget totally. For profound cleaning, the client can eliminate the obstructed ink from the printhead physically. The printhead or fuser quits working when it gets overheated. You ought to quickly quit printing and shut down the printer for some time. Restart the printing when the head and fuser cool down. On the off chance that the fuser is totally burnt out then get a new fuser for the Canon printer.

Run a malware check

Canon error code 5b00 can happen when your Windows PC has malware. At the point when the client sends the order; the printer begins debasing it. Your Canon gadget can’t get a legitimate print order and shows an error message. canon printer prints blank pages You need to run antivirus on the PC and eliminate all malware. Subsequent to cleaning the PC; send a substantial print job to your Canon printer.

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