Old Navy’s newest campaign is all about pants and compliments. “Thanks, It’s Old Navy,” starring Poker Face’s Natasha Lyonne acknowledges that taking a compliment can be hard, and that accepting one with confidence does not always come naturally. The brand embraces this relatable struggle as Natasha navigates the humorous internal angst, deflection and sometimes awkwardness one often experiences when receiving a compliment – before pulling it together to declare “Thanks, it’s Old Navy.”�

Highlighting fall styles, the campaign zeroes in on Old Navy’s hero elevated styles that play up the brand’s renewed focus on fashion. Dressed in head-to-toe Old Navy, Natasha turns heads wearing two of the brand’s best-selling pant styles – the�Pixie Pant and the�Taylor Pant – eliciting style compliments from passersby.�

Natasha brings her iconic style and disarming wit to the campaign, showing off a fresh way to style the classic “power suit” with bold monochromatic hues and elevated prints. With almost 4,000 5-star reviews, the Pixie Pant is a longtime customer favorite, while the newer Taylor Pant style offers a relaxed-yet-polished take on the tailored trend. Coming in under $60 each, Old Navy is encouraging customers sporting these styles to prepare to rock the inevitable compliments with a simple and confident, “Thanks, it’s Old Navy.” As an accessible brand that democratizes style, Old Navy’s message promotes�anti-gatekeeping and encourages customers to share their own fashion finds.�

The two TV spots will run in rotation from August 13 through October 7. Check them out [here] and [here].�

About Old Navy�Old Navy is a global apparel and accessories brand that makes current American essentials accessible to every family. Originated in 1994, the brand celebrates the democracy of style through on-trend, playfully optimistic, affordable and high-quality products. A division of San Francisco-based Gap Inc. GPS, Old Navy brings a fun, energizing shopping environment to its customers in more than 1,200 stores around the world. For more information,

Howard Stern says being called ‘woke’ is a compliment: ‘I’m not for stupidity’

Howard Stern is embracing being called “woke,” saying he wants “to be awake.”

“I kind of take that as a compliment, that I’m ‘woke,’” the SiriusXM host told listeners of his eponymous show Monday in response to a YouTube personality applying the term to him.

“To me, the opposite of woke is being asleep,” Stern, 69, said. “And if woke means I can’t get behind [former President Trump], which is what I think it means, or that I support people who want to be transgender, or I’m for the vaccine — dude, call me woke as you f‑‑‑ing want,” Stern exclaimed.

“I’m not for stupidity,” he continued, saying he recently received the latest updated COVID-19 vaccine.

“F‑‑‑in’ science. This f‑‑‑ing country is so great,” he said.

“I am woke, motherf‑‑‑er. And I love it.”

“I want to read legitimate news sources. Here’s how woke I am: I believe the election was not rigged,” Stern said of Trump’s unfounded claims of mass electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential race.

“I’m woke. I think that’s a compliment,” added Stern, who frequently hosted Trump as a guest on his radio show before the New York real estate developer entered politics.

In the past, the veteran broadcaster referred to Trump as a friend, but Stern grew increasingly critical of the 45th commander in chief during his presidency, slamming him for his administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“These guys who I see on the internet who say they’re not woke, but they seem to be really angry, super against gay people — especially transgender,” Stern said.

“Am I for kids being able to read about anything in school? Yeah, I am. I don’t give a s‑‑‑ what kids read,” he said of book bans in Republican-led states.

How To Start A Conversation On Tinder

It’s true, starting a conversation with a potential love interest can be nerve-wracking. Whether it’s asking questions such as “Will they even like me?” or “Is this too corny?” we’ve all been there wondering what to actually say to someone we’re interested in. And though saying, “Hey, what’s up, it’s so and so” is the easiest way to go about starting up a conversation, chances are that we can do a little better when it comes to our “rizz” game. Particularly if this is someone that we’re really interested in.

Nine times out of 10, conversation starters are always along the lines of stating your name and asking how a person is; however, there are many other ways to engage a person of interest. Thought-provoking questions such as “I can’t help but notice your profile says you like pizza, what’s your favorite spot?” or questions like “What do you like to do in your free time?” are always good openers.

Though these questions can’t guarantee a response, asking open-ended questions can significantly help to make a conversation starter less and less awkward and show that you’re actually interested in getting to know someone. But whatever you do, try to avoid asking things like “What’s your favorite color?” or “How many siblings do you have?” These ones can definitely wait until a later date.

No matter how you decide to open up a conversation with someone you’ve matched with on Tinder, it’s important to note that compliments, asking thoughtful questions, and following their lead can lead to an engaging convo that’ll certainly get you another date.

Without further ado, below are a few tips and tricks when figuring out how to open up a conversation. Remember, it’s okay to not take it too seriously.

Really Get To Know Their Profile

When figuring out how to engage in a conversation, really take the time to read a profile thoroughly. Look for common interests, hobbies, or information you can use as conversation starters. This shows that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know a person and will certainly give you brownie points for securing a date.

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