Raw Rolling Papers: The Choice of Connoisseurs

In the world of smoking culture; enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the perfect rolling paper to complement their choice of herbs or tobacco. Among the plethora of options available, Raw Rolling Papers have carved a unique niche for themselves. Renowned for their commitment to quality, sustainability, and a pure smoking experience, Raw Rolling Papers have become the top choice for connoisseurs around the world. In this article, we delve into the history, craftsmanship, and reasons behind the widespread popularity of Raw Rolling Papers.

A Short Note on History

The story of Raw Rolling Papers begins with a man named Josh Kesselman, who founded the company in 2005. Kesselman’s vision was clear: to create the finest rolling papers using unbleached, additive-free, and 100% natural materials. He believed that the smoking experience should be as pure and unadulterated as possible. This philosophy laid the foundation for Raw Rolling Papers, which have since become a symbol of authenticity in the smoking community.


One key factor that sets Raw Rolling Papers apart is their commitment to craftsmanship. Each rolling paper is made from a blend of natural plant fibers, primarily hemp and flax. Unlike many other rolling papers on the market, Raw papers are unbleached and unrefined, which means they retain their natural brown color. This lack of chemical processing not only ensures a more natural smoking experience but also reduces the environmental impact of production.

Raw Rolling Papers are also known for their thinness, which allows for a slow and even burn. The thinness of the paper does not compromise its strength, and it holds together well during the rolling process. This combination of thinness and strength ensures that the flavor of the smoke remains unaltered, allowing smokers to savor the true taste of their chosen herbs or tobacco.

Another hallmark of Raw Rolling Papers is the use of natural gum. The gum, derived from acacia trees, is both vegan and water-based. It adheres perfectly when moistened and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives. This ensures that the paper sticks together reliably while burning evenly.

Variety and Options

Raw Rolling Papers offer a wide range of options to cater to the diverse preferences of smokers. Whether you prefer classic rolling papers or pre-rolled cones, Raw has something for everyone.

  1. Classic Rolling Papers

These traditional rolling papers come in various sizes, including King Size, 1 1/4, and Single Wide. They are ideal for those who enjoy the art of rolling and customizing their smoke.

  1. Pre-Rolled Cones

Raw Cones are pre-rolled for convenience, making them perfect for both novices and experienced smokers. They come in various sizes and are ready to be filled with your choice of herbs or tobacco.

  1. Organic Rolling Papers

Raw offers Organic Hemp Rolling Papers for those who prioritize organic products. These papers are made from 100% organic hemp and are free from GMOs and chlorine.

  1. Black Rolling Papers

Raw Black Papers are extra-thin and have a distinctive black color. They are perfect for those who want a minimalist and sleek smoking experience.

  1. Flavored Rolling Papers

Raw also offers flavored rolling papers, including options like Raw Terpene-Infused Papers, which add an extra layer of flavor to your smoke.

  1. Filters and Accessories

Raw Rolling Papers also provides a range of filter tips, rolling trays, and other accessories to enhance your smoking experience.

Whether you’re an experienced smoker or just starting, Raw offers a range of options to suit your preferences and a commitment to preserving the environment. Choosing Dispobale Vape Online for the purchase of zig zag wraps, Raw Rolling Papers, and vape devices.


For good reason, Raw Rolling Papers have earned their reputation as the choice of connoisseurs. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and a pure smoking experience sets them apart in the crowded world of rolling papers. 

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