Reasons to go for Trimurti Wall Putty

Wall putty is an essential material used for interior wall finishing and decoration. It fills uneven surfaces, hides cracks and provides a smooth base for painting. With several brands available in the market, choosing the right wall putty is important. Trimurti Wall Putty is one of the most trusted brands for this purpose and trimurti wall putty price is also affordable. In this article, you will discuss some key reasons to choose Trimurti Wall Putty for your home or office walls.

  • Smooth and Crack-Free Finish

The main purpose of applying wall putty is to obtain a smooth surface without any imperfections before painting. This allows the paint to last longer without peeling off from uneven patches. Trimurti Wall Putty is very effective in achieving this goal of flawless finish. When wall surfaces are constructed, it is difficult to get them perfectly even and crack-free. There can be minor indentations, bumps and fine cracks left behind. Conventional wall putties may not be able to fill in very tiny gaps and crevasses properly. This can result in a surface that appears uneven under close inspection.

However, Trimurti Wall Putty has a formulation that allows it to flow smoothly into narrow cracks and spaces between plaster or concrete. It seeps deep inside and fills up imperfections without leaving voids behind. This is possible due to its low viscosity and ability to attain a level shape without sagging down from weight. Once applied, it forms a uniform layer that hides all underlying irregularities. Even the finest cracks become invisible under the smooth surface. The quality filler content in Trimurti Wall Putty allows it to level out differences in wall texture efficiently.

  • Durability and Longevity 

Trimurti Wall Putty is known for its excellent durability and longevity. It forms an extremely durable bond with wall surfaces that can withstand the test of time. Unlike some other putties, Trimurti Wall Putty does not exhibit weakness over prolonged periods of usage. The strong adhesion ensures that the putty layer does not crack, peel or fall off the walls even after years of use. This is due to the high quality materials and formulation process. Proper quality checks are carried out to maintain consistency.

Areas that see high moisture like bathrooms and kitchens often experience putty failure within a short period. However, Trimurti Wall Putty and trimurti tile adhesive can endure damp conditions without compromising its integrity. It does not allow water to seep behind and cause damage to the putty-wall interface. Even in extreme moisture-prone spots, the putty layer adheres securely for many years without deteriorating. This protects the wall from developing cracks or paint flaking off.

  • Water Resistance

Water resistance is a very important quality for any wall putty used in high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Regular cement-based putties may seem like a cheaper option but they have poor water resistance. Over time, moisture exposure can cause them to weaken and develop cracks. This paves the way for water seepage through walls. Seepage leads to peeling of paints and wallpapers as the moisture gets trapped behind. It can also promote growth of molds and mildew in the long run. This necessitates frequent repair works like repainting.

However, Trimurti Wall Putty has been specially formulated to offer excellent resistance against moisture. Its composition and additives provide a protective layer that prevents water penetration. Even after years of use in damp indoor environments, it does not allow water to seep through its barrier. The putty surface remains intact without developing any cracks or pores through which water can enter. As a result, there is no peeling or damage to the interior wall paints. The smooth finish is retained for a very long period without deteriorating.

  • Easy to Use and Apply

One of the key advantages of Trimurti Wall Putty is its easy usability. Many putties in the market can be difficult to apply, resulting in an uneven surface. However, Trimurti puts ease of application as a top priority. The putty has a smooth creamy consistency that spreads smoothly using a trowel or even by hand. It levels itself out without any lumps or bumps. The smooth texture ensures it can be applied thinly and evenly on walls as well as ceilings. This uniform application allows for a perfect finish.


Unlike some gritty putties, it does not sag or slump under its own weight even when thickly applied. This is due to its formulation which gives it self-leveling properties. It stays exactly where it is applied without running down the wall. Its user-friendly nature means that both professionals and DIY homeowners can apply it with similar success. There is no learning curve and it works the same way every time. This consistency in usage makes it a reliable choice for any skill level.

  • Value for Money

Trimurti Wall Putty is considered a premium product due to its high performance and quality. However, despite having a slightly higher initial price tag than ordinary putties, it offers tremendous value for money. Firstly, only a small amount of this putty is needed to cover large wall areas. It spreads very well without sagging and a 1 kg pack can easily finish multiple average sized rooms. In comparison, lower quality putties may require more material to achieve the same level of coverage.

Secondly, its exceptional durability means that once applied, there is no need for touch-ups or re-application for several years. Ordinary putties may start cracking or peeling within a year itself. This saves the cost of multiple repurchases over time. Even if its initial price is a little more, it proves much more economical in the long run. Additionally, its long shelf life of over 12 months ensures the putty does not get wasted if not used immediately. Half used tubes can be stored safely for future use. This ensures complete utilization of the purchased quantity.


With qualities like a flawless finish, long life and versatility, Trimurti Wall Putty proves to be among the best putty for walls in india. It delivers value by saving time, effort and maintenance costs compared to inferior putties. For professional level results and complete satisfaction, Trimurti is undoubtedly one of the best wall putty options in India. Its numerous advantages make it a top choice for homes, offices and all interior wall applications.


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