Red Dead Redemption: 7 Darkest Characters In The Series

In the Red Dead Redemption series, there are some very bad people who will make players hold on tight to their guns.

There have been some very bad people in the Red Dead Redemption series as a whole. People seem to be broken by the Wild West, or at least these people seem to be trying to break the Wild West. No matter what, the most evil characters in the Red Dead Redemption series don’t deserve attention for their crimes, but they do need it to show how evil and cruel they can be. It’s best to keep a loaded gun on your hip when you’re around these people.

In Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, players meet all kinds of people. Whether they are positive, strange, or just plain evil. Some of these people are so bad that it’s best to stay away from them or kill them.

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