Thailand Electric Scooter Market Share by Companies, Growth Rate, Manufacturers, Trends and Report 2023-2028

Comprehensive Research Report on Thailand Electric Scooter Market Analysis, Growth Forecast 2023-2028

MarkNtel Advisors, a respected research firm, has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Thailand Electric Scooter market size, Share, Analysis, considering a multitude of factors such as recent developments, trade regulations, import-export assessments, production patterns, shifts in market regulations, optimization of the value chain, and valuable insights into market share. This study is meticulously structured with clearly delineated sections, chapters, and sub-categories, facilitating easy navigation for readers.

What is the market size of the Thailand Electric Scooter industry?

The Thailand Electric Scooter market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 29% during the forecast period, i.e., 2023-28.

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Market Trend:

Long Range Electric Scooters Waving New Tides –

Long-range electric scooters enable riders to travel greater distances without needing to recharge, making them more practical for daily commutes & longer journeys. As a result, demand for these long-range scooters is growing. Owing to this, companies like Sleek EV, Etran, etc., have launched scooters with a higher range in the country. In Thailand, traffic congestion is a significant problem, especially in urban areas & scooters that offer longer ranges can provide a sustainable & convenient alternative for commuting without contributing to the problem of traffic congestion & air pollution.

Moreover, the long-range e-scooters can also help to address concerns about range anxiety among consumers which would further raise the demand for these scooters. This growing demand would make Thailand an attractive market for companies to launch more long-range of this vehicle during the forecast period.

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What specific elements are included in the segmentation of the Thailand Electric Scooter industry?

The Thailand Electric Scooter market comprises a wide array of diverse segments encompassing variations, trends, and market strategies. These segments are meticulously defined and thoroughly discussed, offering stakeholders vital insights necessary for making informed decisions and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape. The market is composed of the following segments:

By Battery

-Lead Acid

-Lithium Ion

-Others (Lithium Ion Polymer, Nickel–metal hydride battery)

By Range

-Below 75 Miles

-75-100 Miles

-Above 100 Miles

By Battery Capacity

-< 2 kWh

-2-2.5 kWh

-> 2.5 kWh

By Application

-Commercial Use

-Personal Use

Geographically Covered

By Region





Who are the major players in the Thailand Electric Scooter industry?

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our Thailand Electric Scooter market report.

  • The analysis of the Thailand Electric Scooter market provides a comprehensive and in-depth examination of the industry’s size, growth trajectory, competitive landscape, and key players. This thorough analysis equips businesses with a complete understanding of market dynamics, enabling them to make informed decisions.
  • Additionally, this research examines current market trends and offers future forecasts, enabling companies to identify emerging opportunities and potential challenges. By grasping market forecasts, businesses can align their strategies and gain a competitive edge.
  • The research on the Thailand Electric Scooter industry simplifies the process of evaluating and mitigating risks associated with entering or operating within the sector.

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