United Airlines Name Change: Everything You Must Know

Have you booked a flight ticket with your incorrect name? United Airlines permits passengers to change or correct a misspelled name. You can change the name in the confirmed itinerary according to the United Airlines name change policy. The airline lets you make different changes in your flight booking, and the name change is one of them. Let’s discuss the name change policy in detail so that you can make post-booking modifications. 

Understanding United Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy

Before you begin the name change or alter procedure, you must know about the United Airlines guidelines. 

  • The flight ticket you have booked must be operated by United Airlines. 
  • Your ticket number must start with 016. 
  • You can reissue only one ticket for each passenger for the name correction. 
  • According to the nance change policy, passengers should pay some correction charges if they need to alter their name twice. 
  • According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines, the name on your flight ticket must match the government-authorized ID. 
  • The United Airlines name change policy lets you change your last name because of the marriage/divorce by submitting important documents. 

United Name Correction Policy: Types

United Airlines is one of the significant air travel providers in the USA. It walks the extra mile to provide productive aspects for travelers. Moreover, the airlines try to confirm clients have no problem handling flights. It covers several procedural guidelines to confirm that consumers obtain hassle-free and quick dispute assistance.   

United Airlines comes to the front regarding the name change/correction phenomenon. It helps flyers encounter an instant procedure while correcting their names on the flight ticket. Also, the airline cares about the TSA and other guidelines by giving visitors foremost priority. 

1 – Simple Name Changes On the United Airlines Ticket

If the travelers misspelled their names on the ticket, they could change or alter it according to the name change policy. Passengers can find protocols for minor errors and omissions in their name on the flight ticket. Below are a few assumptions under the policy that do not need the legal documentation: 

  • Correction/changing the spellings of the first name and last name. 
  • Change or alter a prefix (title).
  • Changing the nickname from the original name or vice-versa. 
  • Adding or removing the middle or initial name. 
  • Changing inverted first and last names. 

2 – Critical Name Change/Corrections on United Airlines

Some major name corrections or changes require valid documentation to proceed. Passengers not only commit minor mistakes, but a few legal procedures also affect flight booking. For instance, passengers can change their name after divorce or marriage. Hence, you can prove the name change request by providing the appropriate documents to United Airlines. The following are the supporting valid documents:

  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Divorce Agreement
  • Other government-authorized documents with the old and new names.

What is the Alternate Name Affidavit Option in United Name Change?

United Airlines also provides the Alternate Name Affidavit option to its passengers. If passengers cannot submit the legal documentation outlined above, they can provide a name affidavit option. 

Moreover, the name affidavit shows your name change and a copy of the government-approved identification. Hence, the passengers have another secure way to change the name on the flight ticket. 

Final Words 

The above informative article must have helped you understand the United Airlines name change policy and simplify the name change/correction procedure. Besides this, the airline allows you to hold your reserved flight and finish the purchase process later with the United Farelock option. You can find out more on the official United Airlines website or contact its customer service. If you can’t connect to the airline’s customer service, dial +1-800-865-1848 for a quick response.

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